Learning from the best social mobiliser from Kaili Sub Village, Lembeni Ward

Zulfa Mohamed can be ranked as innovators at local level in adaption of new ideas. In line with attending theoretical and practical training of Mkombozi Stove construction as TOT; she was also trained on the construction and use of tippy tap technology as part of the Uwezo project FY 2013/2016.


Despite the fact that she is member of Village Health Committee, Zulfa Mohamed is innovative and social motivator. Living in a community with limited water infrastructure services, inadequate water supply and worsening with ongoing fears of outbreak of Cholera diseases as it keeps on spreading from one region to another, Zulfa had to put in hygiene practice skills learned during SMECAO intervention on construction and use of tippy tap technology.

Zulfa promoted knowledge on washing hands with water and soap before meal and after the use of toilet to reduce chances of diarrheal by 47%, she pioneered application of tippy tap in all households in her sub village of Kaili in Lembeni Village.

Thus, around March to July 2015 while constructing Mkombozi Stoves in households she also promoted and initiated installation of 58 tippy tap in 58 households out of 69 households in Kaili sub village.

During Board Members annual visits to project areas for monitoring and evaluating activities implemented, Zulfa was one of the beneficiaries and social mobilize visited to show out her best practices. One of the questions asked by Board members was what motivates her to do such good work; she replied in short, “I felt obliged to do so”.


Through Zulfa, SMECAO staffs and board members learned that there is a need of other Mkombozi stove TOT’s to be motivated enough to incorporate both intervention ( Stoves & Tippy tap) into one during implementations as one of best approaches.