In this project component SMECAO Funds intervene in promoting Wash (hand wash) and Sodis (Solar Disinfectant) Technologies, facilitate HIV/AIDS mass awareness and voluntary check-up at village level.


Intervention in this project components primary target;


  • Community in general and Primary schools for Sodis and Wash intervention in areas with high waterborne diseases cases and water shortage such Lembeni and Kwakoa.
  •  Develop, print EIC materials with primary health care contents and disseminate to community members and primary schools pupils
  • Community in general through mass awareness meetings improved sanitation techniques
  •  Village Health Committees to acts as animators for Wash, Sodis, and HIV/AIDS victims Home based Care at village level
  •  And Primary school teachers to facilitate development of Trainers of Trainee on primary health care skills and technologies and PLwHIV & care takers.


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