This project deals with the identification of local climate change, mitigation and adaption strategies and building local community entrepreneur skills on environmental friendly entrepreneurship activities. These will increase household income whilst promote sustainable environmental conservation


  • Identification and promotion of the use of drought resistant and early mature seeds of food crops

  • Education on farm best practices i.e. use of Mapambano composite manuren through Farm Field School

  • Promote development and management of tree nursery and adaptation of Farmers Managed Natural Regeneration Skills

  • Training of TOT’s on the construction and management of Mkombozi fuel efficient stove

  • Training on the use of risk husk for brick burning

  • Workshops of Secondary school teachers to develop animators of the project at education institution level 

  • Promotion of village vaccination campaign

  • Identification and promotion of environmental friendly entrepreneurship activities
  • Education on entrepreneur skills on poultry and beekeeping


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