Solar Project Mabilioni

As a part of our project Mabilioni Energy Model Village in cooperation with WWF Tanzania, SMECAO has installed several home solar systems in year 2015.

Till now we installed 42 home solar systems in different households and three solar systems in local business centres.

One solar panel has the capacity of lighting up five bulbs, charging a phone and operating a radio.

Through this intervention the households got a save access to clean energy instead of using Kerosene for light. By using home solar system, 10 monitored sample household saved 5,400 Tshs per month per household that was used for purchasing Kerosene.

Also same sample households with average of 3 phones per household that last 3 days with charge achieved to save per week 5,840 Tshs from phone charging per household. Besides the number of students studding using clean energy has increased from 5 households to 42 households.

Nonetheless we have observed that more community members are in need of home solar systems.

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