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In the end of September the Norwegian Ambassador visited SMECAO. Together we went to Mbakweni Village to see the results of an Mkombozi Stove Project funded by EAMCEF. The next day the Ambassador had the chance to talk with the people of Kisiwani about the advantages of the new stoves and the issue of forrest protection.

In the end of June we had a training with an external trainer to enhance the efficiency of our field visits. Through this three day training we learned some new monitoring tools, by which we can indicate changes or problems faster on the one hand but also make the changes, challenges and problems more visible for our partners in the villages. Due to this we can improve the cooperation with our partners to work on problems.

Now you can read our latest Success Story about changing lifes through special trainings!

Visit Changing lifes with Training of Mapambano Composite Manure

In our current project phase we focus on exiting several project areas. We worked with those target areas for nearly three years now and now we conducted last need assessment to identify gaps and issues that needed mentoring to prepare them, so they can proceed and continue their activities without our help. Afterwards we can focus on projects and challenges in a smaller area to work more efficient.  

In the end of the last year 2015 we had a meeting with our german partner Bread For The World, to talk about the further procedure.

What We Do

Since 1994 SMECAO Fund has been working in Same and Mwanga Districts, Kilimanjaro Region, towards conserving and protecting environment through improving livelihood of the communities. 

We are among the leading organisations in the two districts for promoting and advocating for sustainable environmental conservation, local climate change resilience and mitigation strategies.



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